12 Must-Have Tools to Make Your Painting Job Go Faster

You’re moving your mother in to an assisted living facility and you’ve been tasked with painting her house to get it on the market to offer. Aren’t you lucky? You are looking at a week or two of work and want to knock off a day or two utilizing the tools the pros use to get things done faster. What are those must-have tools to get the job finished before you run out of steam? All of these tools will speed up your work and I’ll include some tips to make your job go even faster. Dumpster Philadelphia


six IN 1 TOOL – Don’t start your work without this in your right back pocket. As the name implies, it is 6 tools in 1: scraper, spreader, hammer, knife, nail-puller and roller cleaner. The roller cleaner is the big semi-circle in the exact middle of the blade. Don’t get the 5 in 1 since it doesn’t have a metal butt for pounding in nails. You’ll also find yourself using it as a screwdriver, tape sealer (for pressing down on your own tape when taping off trim to save wear and tear in your fingers), paint can opener, and beer bottle opener. It’s also great for tearing holes in your mom’s favorite couch when you forget to take it out of your back pocket before sitting down. It costs about $8.

18″ ROLLER – I call this an adult-sized paint roller. A quick computation and you will realize it’s twice the size of your basic 9″ roller. Does that mean you can roll out a wall in half the full time? That’s about right. I do believe they should just ban 9″ rollers; there is no reason to use one. The thicker the nap the more likely it’s going to get into the little pockets on textured walls and thus allow you to paint your wall with one coat. A thicker nap will also hold more paint so you won’t need certainly to load your roller as frequently. Don’t forget to buy an adult-sized 18″ pan to go with it. Rather than taking the time to clean the roller at the end of the day I load more paint on the roller and I will hire a Painter, set it completely inside the tray and wrap the whole tray with plastic to keep everything from drying out. If I’m carrying out a lot of colors I’ll have 2 or 3 of these going constantly so I can be working on yet another color while I’m letting one dry before finding its way back for a second coat. The roller pad, frame, and pan will run you about $50.